For all reservations made till 15 September 2021 we give 15% discount.

Special Deals: Free day and 5% of additional discount until 10 July 2021. and from 14 August 2021.! Fore more information click on the "Price list" menu.


The Villa Ružica Hotel is a complex which consits of three parts - Villa Ružica, Villa Coltelli and three pavilions.

  • Villa Ružica has 14 rooms and 6 suites.
  • Villa Coltelli has 10 rooms and 6 suites.
  • Each of the three pavilions has 6 rooms.

All of our rooms are equipped with modern and luxury furniture. Bathrooms have equipped with hairdryers and cosmetics necessary to make your vacation in the hotel as comfortable as possible. Every room, including our suites and all the other amenities have safes at your disposal in order to protect your values.

Accommodation in our comfortable rooms is perfect for families who due to the accelerated lifestyle and time consuming habits wish to compensate for that daily routine and spend a vacation as relaxed as possible. There are 17 double/twin bedrooms, 23 three-bed rooms and 3 large four-bed rooms, 2 four-bed suites, 3 three- bed and 6 twin-bed suites with an extra bed available in all those premises.